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Associação Miradouro da Luz

For a greener future

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Do you agree to building an Hotel on Miradouro da Luz?

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Miradouro da Luz Association - Articles
It has been applied permission to build a massive development with a hotel for 120 bedrooms and 60 tourist apartments, composed by 5 blocks of 3-4 floors. The view from several places of our Village of Luz will be eliminated and a massive construction will be seen from the sea. We expect to fight against this development adopting several actions to persuade the municipal entities to decline the possibility of approval of the project as it is. We demand much more green park area and that the panoramic view is protected. We don't want Luz to become similar to other places in Algarve and Spain with massive construction that becomes impossible to live there.

If you agree with our position, we have prepared a text for a petition to be sent to the licensing project which is now in the phase of public discussion until 3rd April. You may sign it, scan it and email it back to us.

PDF Click here to open the Public Petition

You also may visit us at Rua Direita 509 or at Alga Gallery - Rua Direita 47 and sign in person.

Thank you for your support.

Last Updated on Thursday, 19 March 2020 12:56

Miradouro da Luz