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Do you agree to building an Hotel on Miradouro da Luz?

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Lagos Town Hall is producing a new Development Plan specifically for Praia da Luz which aims to limit the size and style of construction allowed in the local area.

The Town hall has previously stated that the view point of Praia da Luz i.e. the hill in front of St James Development (the pink apartments, Barclays & BES bank) was designated as a green belt area, whilst allowing the possibility of developments up to 2 floors in height on the land situated to the right hand side (west side) of the view point.

This is a well known restraint and any previous proposed development or plans suggested or submitted over the last few years have accepted and highlighted the view point as a green belt area.

We learnt very recently that the Town Hall is yielding to pressure from certain interested parties and may alter the view point status to allow the construction of a hotel, with 3 floors on this area.

It is clear that the existence of a building with 3 floors (or less) at the view point is totally unacceptable for various reasons. If the green belt policy is scrapped then the view point will cease to exist and therefore be lost to all. There is also the issue of aesthetics and in particular in relation to the height of the existing buildings. The proposed development will be a particular eyesore when approaching Praia da Luz from the direction of Burgau as the development will not compliment the neighbouring buildings some of which will be hidden.

The need for a hotel in Praia da Luz is not being questioned but why does it have to be in an area that is and should continue for the benefit of the community and tourists. There are many other areas that could be used for development of the tourist industry, areas such as those near Monte Lemos and Montinhos da Luz, where the owners will not loose any rights or suffer any financial loss. These areas can be used to better advantage with the creation of a hotel or other tourist related development without the loss of green belt and the towns view point.

The creation of a hotel in the central green belt area of Praia da Luz is not good planning, as there is no advantage gained by changing what is a tourist attraction into a place for tourist to stay – what will then attract tourists? Hotels should be placed near tourist attractions and towns developed to attract tourists, view points always have been and always will be tourist attractions. We are not against sympathetic development indeed we encourage it as a means to help fund the town and increase prosperity.

Therefore, we appeal to all citizens, tourists and visitors who are interested in preserving Praia da Luz, to express their feelings against the developments now being planned by the Town Hall by registering their view at We will formally organise a community group for the protection of our green belt and local community interests if needed at a later date.

Last Updated on Thursday, 19 May 2011 16:45

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